Advertisements are how we keep this blog alive. It does not fund our sometimes poorly thought out experiments, but it might pay the medical bills. Our blog is open for advertisements from different industries. If you are interested in placing an ad with us, please see the requirements below.

To apply for an advertisement placement on Granph Nano Tech, please send us the following:

• Name of the company or business
• Your name and position at the company
• Main niche of the company
• Motivation for wanting to advertise with us
• Two sample ads
• Full contact information

We review all applications to make sure that this is the right place for your business. We have a very specific community of followers and some businesses will just not do well. Please apply if you are unsure and we will get back to you. A few businesses that tend to do well here include:

• Research companies
• Universities
• Science publications
• Game developers
• Computer and parts companies
• Dating advice or blogs

Please send us your information if you are interested.