Welcome to the Granph Nano Tech blog. We are all about technology, the future, and how drastically science can influence life. Nanotechnology started as a small part of science and has evolved to the front of cutting-edge technology. The blog has a similar history.

A bunch of us science nerds decided to start a place where we can discuss and debate all things science. We needed to connect with people from all over the world and get their opinions. So we started a blog. Here, we write about anything that has to do with scientific advancements, especially nanotechnology. We believe that nanotech is the future and that the application of this revolutionary science, will change our lives and the world as we know it.

The writers on this blog are all scientists or work in similar fields. Everyone has different opinions and ideas. Many weird and dangerous ideas are born here. We advise you to not try anything that is proposed or discussed without proper knowledge of what you are dealing with. You might just blow up a city.

We are science geeks who want to change the world. We are sometimes too smart for our own good, but we welcome you to our madness.